5 Reasons You Need a Waterproof Hiking Backpack

Not all backpacks are created equal.

That’s certainly apparent to hikers who are selecting the right waterproof hiking backpack to enhance their journey. A lot of companies make water-resistant backpacks to withstand heavy rains, but only waterproof bags can be fully submerged. So how do you know if you need one?

After you read this post, you’ll know why need a waterproof hiking backpack.

5 Reasons Every Hiker Needs a Waterproof Hiking Backpack

1) Size Matters

When you’re planning a trip the size of your bag makes a difference. Whether one day or more you need to be able to carry enough food and supplies to make it through.

Luckily for hikers, waterproof backpacks come in a couple of standard sizes that make them a convenient choice for overnight trips. Here are a few of the options available to hikers:

  • OverBoard Pro-Sport BackPack – 20 Liters
  • Phantom Aquatics Walrus – 25 Liters
  • Rockagator GEN3 RG-25 – 30 Liters
  • DryCASE Masonboro (BP-35) – 35 Liters
  • Oxking Daypack – 50 Liters
  • ArcEnCiel Camping Backpack – 75 Liters

With so many high-quality bags to choose from, there’s no reason to have a bag that leaves your supplies vulnerable to water. From 20 liters to 75, there’s room for more than a few things in a waterproof backpack, making them convenient for all kinds of hikes.

2) Great for Adventure in Different Terrains

Waterproof bags are a resourceful item to take with you cave exploring, canyoneering, on the white water rapids or wherever adventure takes you.

Cave Exploration

Waterproof hiking backpacks were made for the conditions of cave exploration. That’s because caves are dark, damp and water can emerge unexpectedly from waterfalls or standing water sources. Waterproof bags are essential for the cave exploring adventurer.


Canyoneering involves jumping into fast-moving mountain streams to be carried to your next location. In these conditions, obviously your bag will be fully submerged and a waterproof hiking backpack is absolutely essential.

White Water Rapids

Similarly to canyoneering, White Water Rapids exploring means getting tossed around in angry waters. Usually, adventurers are seen floating on top of a raft. With water splashing violently in all directions. A waterproof bag protects the gear essential for a day out on the white water.

3) Great for More than Hiking

They are great for more than hiking too. They offer a number of styles like top-loading and roll-top that make them excellent for running, cycling, motorcycling or getting around however you fancy.


For runners who like a little adventure, a waterproof hiking backpack offers the lightest option to keep you moving fast and not sluggish for however long you choose. A lighter pack is easier on the back and neck of any runner carrying supplies.


Waterproof backpacks keep cyclists moving, even if they are out on a ride when the rain starts. With a number of options like a light, roll-top bag, a waterproof backpack is a perfect choice for cyclists.


Motorcyclists who use their hog to get around are hyperaware of how weather changes can affect their travel. It’s always a concern.

But with a waterproof hiking backpack, motorcyclists needn’t be slowed down trying to keep their gear dry. This makes it an essential part of any motorcyclists equipment.

4) Plastic is Bad for the Environment

No one loves the environment for than a hiker, so why risk protecting your items with something that isn’t good for it?

Plastic is made from petroleum, and its improper disposal pollutes land, water, and air. Yet many backpackers would choose to save a little money lining their bags with plastic than purchasing a waterproof bag.

While I’m sure they mean well because they don’t intend to litter, in conditions where items may get submerged in water it’s possible plastic bags could get lost.

Hikers who don’t want to take the risk could opt for a waterproof hiking backpack instead, to protect important items from damage.

5) Waterproofing Your Bag Can Be Cumbersome

In addition to the environmental risks of plastic bags, waterproofing your own gear can be cumbersome.

Whether collecting items in Ziplock bags, using a trash bag to line your pack or a product like a pack cover or liner that’s available for purchase, these items can be difficult to navigate in inclement weather and high water conditions. Pack covers, for instance, have to be taken out and pulled over your bag in bad weather and removed or shifted to reach important items like water bottles.

A waterproof hiking backpack, by design, makes it easy to protect your items while keeping them accessible when you need them the most.

Waterproof Bags are the Quintessential Hiking Accessory

Waterproof bags offer a light, convenient and resistant approach to keeping your equipment safe making them the quintessential hiking component to any hiker’s collection of gear.

That’s because waterproof hiking backpacks offer:

  1. Convenient sizes for all types of journeys
  2. A solution that works for a number of terrains
  3. A product that can go with you no matter what adventure you choose
  4. An environmentally friendly option for waterproofing your gear
  5. They’re just easier

We get it. Adventurers enjoy hiking because they get the benefit of an adrenaline rush, but with that rush comes some degree of danger. Improper securing of your valuables can leave you in an even more dangerous situation when you need your gear the most.

Don’t get stuck between a rock and a wet place, invest in a waterproof hiking backpack and travel better today. For more tips on the best gear for your next hiking trip, click here to follow our blog.


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