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5 Reasons You Need a Waterproof Hiking Backpack

Not all backpacks are created equal. That’s certainly apparent to hikers who are selecting the right waterproof hiking backpack to enhance their journey. A lot of companies make water-resistant backpacks to withstand heavy rains, but only waterproof bags can be fully submerged. [...]

Seven Haunting Hikes

With Halloween around the corner, what better way to get into the mood than a spooky hike seething in mystery and legend? Here’s our top picks, ranging from hauntingly beautiful to downright scary. 1. Mount Chocorua, Albany Legend has it that [...]

Proven: Hiking Makes You Happy

Okay, so anyone familiar with hiking already knew it – but it has now been proven scientifically that outdoor walks improve mental health. British and American scientists have published new research showing that group nature walks help us combat stress while [...]

Visually Sumptuous – The Mountain

Glue Your Eyes To The Screen For A Moment As you watch this, you’ll be reminded why people all over the world actively seek out the outdoors. There is no better way to start, or end, your day than feasting [...]

3 Incredible Fall Foliage Hiking Locations In The Northeast

Smoky Mountains and Beyond Search for any list related to viewing fall foliage and you’ll find the Great Smoky Mountains National Park included in it somewhere. In fact, gorgeous fall hikes abound all up and down the Appalachians – from Maine down into northern [...]

Taking The Subway – Zion Style

Another Incredible Zion National Park Hike Zion National Park, Utah, seems to have an amazing hike around every corner. One of the most exciting trails is The Subway. It is a permit only trail that takes hikers down steep and sometimes treacherous terrain [...]

Angels Landing – A Hike That Will Take Your Breath Away

One Of The National Park System’s Most Trilling And Famous Hikes The Angels Landing Trail in Zion National Park, Utah, is a very well frequented hike, considering it’s dramatic drop-offs and steep, chained pathways. However, it’s no wonder it’s popular. Spectacular [...]

World’s Most Terrifying Hiking Trail?

Some Wouldn’t Call That Hiking! Mount Hua Shan in Central China definitely falls into the category of extreme hiking. Considered by many as the world’s most terrifying, and dangerous hike. Trails are narrow, exposed pathways with precipitous drops. In some [...]

The Pacific Crest Trail In 4 Minutes Flat

Sharing a Solitary Experience Doing a long-distance, cross country hike is generally a solitary experience, or perhaps shared with one or two other people. That being said, once home, most hikers would want to share a least something about what [...]

Encounter With A Mountain Lion In Glacier National Park

Meeting A Large Animal On a Trail Quickly Puts The World In Perspective Hiking, backpacking and rustic camping in the national forests in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan had prepared me somewhat for hiking in Montana’s Glacier National Park. I [...]